Liam Brown
This post is a distillation of my recent talk at Bucerius Law School's 2020 Legal Technology Essentials 2020 program.
The Power of a Name
Over the past decade or so, a large and growing segment of businesses serving the legal industry has emerged. These companies have often been referred to as "alternative legal services providers," but that's a misnomer. After all, no one ever called digital cameras "alternative cameras," and what was originally "alternative energy" is increasingly, and more accurately described as renewable energy. I believe the term "alternative" in law signals something vaguely pejorative, not quite acceptable, or not quite good enough...
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Sean Ho'okano-briel, Claire MacDuff
Elevate's Global Marketing Manager, Claire MacDuff, speaks with Product Manager and Customer Success Lead, Sean Ho'okano-briel, to learn how he works to guide customers along their journey to success.
Lesley Hobbs, Frazer Baron
With over 20 years' experience working with lawyers and risk management professionals across Europe and Asia-Pacific, Lesley Hobbs, Director, ElevateFlex, is a NewLaw veteran. Frazer Baron, Marketing Associate, got the chance to talk with Lesley and about her journey to becoming one of the leading business development professionals within the APAC NewLaw/law company/ALSP sector.
Bon Voyage, Richard Little
Liam Brown
I am sad to share the news that Richard Little passed away peacefully during his sleep earlier this week, surrounded by his family. He was 75.

Richard was a co-founder of Elevate, a director of the board, our first CFO and GC, an advisor, mentor, and a dear friend to me and many others.
"Elevate’s unique benchmarking process generates purchased expense savings from 15%-30%. The process ensures cheaper/faster/better results, is minimally-invasive for the Customer"
Products and Services for the Downturn
“Elevate has been instrumental in the design and build of 'GTDocs,' our high-quality specialist document review unit. Elevate's deep experience in working with global firms has allowed them to share best practices in eDiscovery, process, and quality control. G+T have a unique partnership with Elevate (making up half of the permanent GTDocs team), combining capabilities and working as one team to drive efficiencies and deliver work product at Gilbert + Tobin's high standards. Our partnership with Elevate has enabled us to more than double our review capabilities when needed.”
Caryn Sandler
Partner + Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer,
Gilbert + Tobin, FT Most Innovative Team 2020
“Law firms are under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality work without compromise, grow profitability, and do so at competitive rates. By working closely with our customers to truly understand their business goals, Elevate can build flexible delivery teams — blending dedicated FTEs and on-demand flexible resources — to help firms supplement their workforce and take on larger projects without the ongoing costs of hiring a large in-house team.”
John Reikes
Vice President, Disputes and Investigations
Join Elevate/ElevateNext Experts Philip Harris, Prashant Dubey, Nicole Auerbach and panelists: Lizzie Shilliam (CLO, Vanderbilt University) and John Hoffman (GC, Rutgers University), for a panel discussion on how higher ed. law departments can improve operational efficiency.