We are sailing into the future. To successfully navigate there, we need to know where we started, decide where we want to go, be realistic about the resources at our disposal, and understand the forces acting on us along the way.
I believe technology will help us get there, but it won’t if we don’t choose wisely – or we don’t choose at all. As the founder and leader of a law company that builds legal software and provides legal services augmented by technology, I care greatly about legal tech.
Sharath Beedu
We are proud to announce the Q4 2020 Release of Elevate Ecosystem Legal Management (ELM). In June 2020, we launched our Elevate Ecosystem Legal Management platform, an easy-to-use, cloud-based legal operations platform that streamlines how law departments and law firms manage legal work and collaborate.
Don’t Look Back: Adapting to The New Era’s New Ways of Working
Paula Forbes
While the world waits for health experts and political leaders to resolve the conflict between the public health response to COVID-19 and the steps to mitigate the pandemic’s economic impact, this much is clear: a new way of locating, organizing, and conducting work has arrived.
Lex Mundi has appointed Elevate as a strategic advisor as it further develops its market position and innovative service delivery model in the rapidly changing global legal market. We will collaborate with the Lex Mundi organization and its member firms, drawing on our's deep consulting experience with both law firms and corporate legal teams.
ElevateNext handles portfolios of business as usual matters to drive efficiencies and lower costs by 10% or more without sacrificing outcomes. We use stringent process, AFAs for budget certainty, early case assessments, technology and AI, the right people, and unwavering devotion to avoid preventable litigation to achieve these goals.
This episode features Liam Brown, Elevate’s CEO and Chairman, and Nicolette Henfrey, EVP, General Counsel and Company Secretary of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Nicolette reflects on how IHG, a global hospitality company, managed rolling closures and the regulatory requirements for reopening. She talks about the New Normal and how IHG ensures their teams have the energy for the Next Normal.
Dole Food Company, Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary – Jared Gale joins Next-Normal Leadership Series host – Liam Brown, Elevate’s CEO, to reflect on the general counsel role and the opportunity to be a business adviser with legal expertise. As an early career firm lawyer, Jared recalls working with a General Counsel fully engaged in the company’s business, participating in non-legal business decisions.
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October 13th – 14th | Virtual Event
Elevate’s Stephen Allen, VP of Get Sh*t Done, joins Susan Bright, Hogan Lovells UK Managing Partner, for the Legal Geek Conference on October 13-14.
October 19th – 22nd | Virtual Event
Elevate’s Vince Vetri, Director of Solutions and Business Development, joins a group of renowned speakers on Wednesday 21st 2:30 – 3:15pm EST, for an LMA breakout session on client-focused collaboration and elevating the role of business development.
October 21st | Virtual Event
As part of LAWIT’s Legal Summit - Legal Vision 2020, Elevate’s Brian Kuhn, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Strategy & Solutions, joins a group of world-class speakers to share highly valuable content and insights into the digital transformation of the legal industry,
October 22nd | Virtual Event
Legal Operations has become a critical business function for law departments, and legal ops teams face increasing pressure to manage costs and improve efficiency while continuing to deliver the highest quality services.
November 10th | Virtual Event
What will a post-pandemic legal department look like? How will business structures change and what will be the implications of the “next” normal?