Hiring managers and recruiters, think about the last time you were interviewing or recruiting a candidate. In writing a job listing and screening and interviewing candidates, did you first take the time to give sufficient thought to what the position truly required? Did you translate that into the job description – or was it rehashed from the previous time you recruited and hired for that role?
Sharath Beedu
Previously, I’ve posted about the issues with traditional Enterprise Legal Management as well as daring to dream what an ELM might one day do (and do well). Today, I’d like to describe some ELM dreams that have come true with the latest release of Elevate’s ELM.
De-Stigmatising Disclosure of Disabilities Is a Crucial Step to Democratising Access to the Legal Profession
Prashant Dubey
Thirty-one years ago, the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA) became law. Yet, the progress towards including People with Disabilities in our workforce has been discouraging. Disabled professionals remain highly marginalised, both in our profession and within the job market as a whole.
Kimberly DeVico, Brittny Williams
Elevate continued its 2021 series, Elevate.Together.Roundtables. with the invitation-only event, “Managing Change in the Legal Profession,” hosted by Kimberly DeVico, Managing Director, Consulting, and Brittny Williams, Director, Consulting.
Ben Williams, the founder and ex-head of Peerpoint, has joined as VP and General Manager of the company’s Contracts Services business unit. “The contracts services market segment is growing rapidly and presents an exceptional opportunity for Elevate,” said Steve Harmon, Elevate’s VP Global Services and General Counsel.
Elevate has become a corporate member of the Munich-based non-profit think tank, the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI). The LLI is an open, neutral, and interdisciplinary platform for promoting a new, collaborative way of thinking in the legal sector. Together, Elevate and the LLI will partner to advance industry business practices.
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April 21, 2021 | Thought Leadership Session
Elevate is excited to share this 30-minute thought leadership session as part of our In-House Focus’ Leaders of Legal series. Kimberly DeVico, Managing Director, Consulting is joined by Monica Andrews, VP, Global Legal Operations at Equinix for our session Change Management: Critical to Law Department Leadership Success.
April 29, 2021 | Thought Leadership Session
Join Jason Smith, Managing Director at Elevate, on April 29, 2021, at 9:25 a.m. CT as he moderates a panel discussion: Mythbusters and Dynamic Duos: Corporate Counsel Pro Bono Edition. The discussion is part of the 43rd Annual University of Texas School of Law Corporate Counsel Institute.