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I’ll Have the Combo Please
Sharath Beedu
Billing errors happen. Sometimes, a lawyer forgets that something is outside of Outside Counsel Guidelines or assumes a particular activity is billable when it isn’t. Whatever the cause, any billing error can blow a legal budget or vaporise expected cost savings.
Refreshing Insights for
Recruiting Legal Talent
Natalie Limerick
By now – nearly three years into the COVID-19 pandemic – everyone understands that things will never fully return to how they once were in the world of work. No matter how many people return to the office, new ways of working are here to stay. In the midst of this moment, I frequently am asked, what does this new phase of business life mean for recruitment?
Want to Read Something Scary?
Kami Paulsen
Want to hear a scary story? It’s a cautionary tale. The tale begins many years ago, early in my career, working as a paralegal. Back then, contract management meant filing the document in a drawer and forgetting about it until renewal. We didn’t proactively monitor contracts. When the customer reminded us that renewal was coming, we had to start hunting for the executed contract.
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Getting Sh*t Done: Workshop Efficiency for Your Law Department (Recap)
Key Learnings from our CLOC Workshop
To continue the conversation from Elevate’s successful CGI 2022 interactive workshop, join Elevate Experts - Kunoor Chopra, VP, Legal Services, and Devdeep Ghosh, Managing Director, Consulting on Jun 23, 2022, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT as they review the survey findings from the workshop.
The EU Data Governance Act: What Companies Need to Know
Audrey Achike
Complying with the GDPR and securing personal data is top of mind for most companies today. It’s an exciting time as there is a new kid on the block: the EU Data Governance Act (“DGA”).
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The Future is Now: Data Subject Requests in 2023
Andrew Greene
As 2023 approaches, organizations must again address new and modified laws governing DSRs. Of course, the rollout of additional privacy regulations has become almost routine.
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Pride Lasts More Than a Month
Vinny Sachdeva
In conjunction with June’s global designation as Pride Month, we invited Elevaters to attend a company-wide session, ‘Being an Out and Proud Elevater’, hosted by Mathew Todd, VP and General Manager of ElevateFlex and Kunoor Chopra, VP of Legal Services.
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Transgender Respect and Dignity
As part of our Expert Series featuring Elevate’s President, John Croft, Joanne Monck, OBE shares her perspective as a transgender person navigating the world.
Adjust for Unconscious Bias
In this Expert Series episode, Elevate’s President, John Croft, talks with the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Hogan Lovells, Bendita Cynthia Malakia.
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Video: Manage Requests
Manage Requests software provides a structured way to collect and manage work requests. It reduces dependency on email and provides transparency throughout the cycle of the request.
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Delight in User Adoption
Designed for all industry experts, enthusiasts, and key decision-makers in legal innovation and technology, the first Legal Innovators California was the place to be in 2022.
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Congratulations to ElevateFlex on being named a winner in the recruiting, staffing and outsourcing category at the Australasian Lawyer’s 2022 Service Providers Awards!
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