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How Does It Feel?
Paul Shephard
The world of law does not concern itself with feelings–yet, how an experience feels lies at the heart of the legal industry. Whatever the extent that legal (and other) decisions rely on logic and rational thinking, ultimately, a client, a lawyer, or a judge must have some level of emotional comfort with the choice they make.
The Human Element in eDiscovery and Document Review
Lindsay Chastain
Discovery and document review are high-stakes endeavours, and both involve the competing objectives of quality, thoroughness, and speed. Both also require human experts who know how to deploy and use technology or can analyse documentary evidence. This makes it essential to maximise the productivity of these professionals.
The Recipe for eDiscovery and Document Review Success
Bhanu Relhan
More than ever, document reviews must achieve speed and accuracy. In litigation, a well-executed review eliminates ever having to seek an extension or exceeding your budget. Response deadlines make ‘the need for speed’ in cyber and data breach reviews critical. Document reviews involve much more than reviewing documents.
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Industry Standards for Legal Business Metrics Have Arrived
Pratik Patel
If you work in a corporate law department, you have probably more than once heard a CEO, CFO, or other colleagues outside of your legal department declare, “Legal is a cost centre.”
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Act to Impact – Elevate’s ESG Report 2022
Vinny Sachdeva
At Elevate, we are humbled and proud to share a measure of our ESG efforts through our recently released “2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report”.
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CLM User Adoption
This podcast excerpt features Elevate’s Kami Paulsen, Managing Director - Consulting and Bernadette Bulacan, Chief Evangelist at Icertis, discussing all things about CLM user adoption, including where to get started.
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On-Demand Webinar: Workshop Efficiency for Your Law Department
Did you miss our webinar? You can watch it now. In this 60-minute session, Elevate experts Kunoor Chopra and Devdeep Ghosh review the results of the real-time survey of 169 legal operations professionals during our CLOC workshop.
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Financial Times Collaborative Innovation Award for Industry Impact Winner
Elevate is excited to announce that the Legal Metrics Portal is the winner of the 2022 Financial Times Collaborative Innovation Award for Industry Impact. It automatically calculates, visualises, and benchmarks legal industry metrics.
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Top Global Legal Service Provider
Elevate has been recognised again as a Band 1 Alternative Legal Services provider by Chambers and Partners in the categories: Contract Lifecycle Management, Litigation Services, and Flexible Legal Staffing.
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