Stephen Allen of Hogan Lovells and Liam Brown of Elevate
We spoke at SOLID West about the rise of successful collaborations between law firms and law companies, defying the conventional wisdom that these entities largely compete...
As promised, this month we’re featuring Part 2 of a discussion between Elevate's VP of Marketing, Nicole Giantonio, & Kim Lanza-Russo, Director & Product Manager. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.
Bringing a new product to market is both time-consuming and costly. As the idea for a product takes shape, the process to protect the IP with a patent begins. With a patent granted, it’s time to commercialize...
Technology is disrupting the economics of the legal industry. Our whitepaper explores the market conditions that are driving digital transformation, explores what digital transformation means “beyond the buzzword,” and explains how law firms and law departments can achieve successful digital transformation with the right strategy.
I recently had the privilege of leading a roundtable where we discussed the increasing importance of training AI tools that specialize in legal domain-specific language, the “language of law”. To date, there has been significant commercial progress in the application of some forms of AI, including Natural Language Processing (NLP).
In order to keep a fresh and open mind, I regularly read about what’s happening in other domains and sectors outside the legal bubble. One of my interests besides legal operations and legal tech is Strategic Sustainability. I recently completed a course on Strategic Sustainability and found that the same methodology used to identify appetite for change...
LIBOR Transition Projects
Where are we now?
The market has changed dramatically in the six months since our original white paper discussing the LIBOR transition. Organizations are making the transition to other reference rates, such as SOFR and SONIA, but some regions are farther along than others.
Join Elevate’s expert on Digital Transformation, Brian Kuhn, VP Digital Strategy & Solutions, for an upcoming webinar - What Does Digital Transformation Mean for the Legal Industry?
Preparing for LIBOR transition? Our webinar, Managing LIBOR Risk with ContraxSuite, will address how an AI-powered solution holds the key to managing and simplifying LIBOR transition.
Elevate will be at CLOC Las Vegas 2020, where we will be conducting a live workshop and demo session. We will also be available for private meetings and demos. Find us at Booth 200.
Elevate has three distinct UK locations in London, Newcastle, and Oxford. The team in London is composed of lawyers, procurement professionals, financial specialists and technology specialists.