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The Year Past and the Year to Come
Liam Brown
As January draws to a close, it is a good moment to review the past year and consider the year ahead. 2022 was another year of growth and firsts for Elevate, and I believe 2023 will offer us many opportunities to help law organisations face new and growing challenges.
Doing Alternative Fee Arrangements the Right Way
Erica White
Using alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) doesn’t have to be a contentious experience for law departments and their law firms. In fact, AFAs can benefit both. To achieve harmony, taking the right approach makes all the difference.
How Law Firms Can Weather the Storms of 2023
Sarah Wilson-Ward
To survive an economic slowdown and hyper-cost-cautious clients, law firms must boost revenues without alienating clients or staff. Rather than rate hikes or layoffs, firms should instead focus on improved business operations.
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Elevate Named Mid-Market Partner of the Year by Icertis
Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM) software company Icertis awarded Elevate its 2023 “Partner of the Year” designation in the Mid-Market category, announcing the news at Icertis’s annual Sales Kick-Off event in San Diego.
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Elevate Has a New Global Headquarters
Elevate’s Global HQ is now in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona! Adjacent to prime hotels and leading restaurants, and only five miles from the Sky Harbor International Airport, we invite you to visit to connect, create, and collaborate.
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Invoice Review Will Bring Us Together
Jeffrey Klein
Looks can be deceiving. Take invoice review. It seems to be a zero-sum proposition for a corporate law department and its outside counsel. After all, any reduction in an invoiced amount accrues to the law department’s benefit at the expense (literally) of the law firm in question.
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Time to Think Twice: Hiring Full-Time Attorneys Amid Today’s Uncertainties
Ruby Srivastava
With the end of the ‘COVID Boom,’ hiring full-time legal professionals is now riskier than any time in the past 15 years. As economic and geopolitical uncertainty persists, it is critical to reassess the wisdom of hiring more full-time employees (FTEs).
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‘Making Law Boring’ Is Incredibly Exciting
Elevate leaders discuss ten years of providing consulting, technology, and services in the legal industry, reaching US$100M in 2022 and attaining US$1BN annual revenue over the next decade.
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The Evolution of Incident Response
Elevate’s James Manari talks with Melissa Ventrone of Clark Hill, Adi Elliot of Canopy Software, and Megan Silverman about data breaches from three perspectives – legal, technology, and services.
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Manage Requests
Elevate’s ELM Manage Requests software provides a structured way to collect and manage work requests. It reduces dependency on email and provides transparency throughout the cycle of the request.
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Manage Outside Counsel
Achieve consistent selection of appropriate outside counsel, and retain lawyers who understand and comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines with Elevate’s ELM Manage Outside Counsel software.
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