Jake Hills
Automating matter management and the billing process for law departments often involves technology from one company and services from another. Elevate, in contrast, provides a ‘one-stop’ solution integrating our Manage Billing for Law Departments and Manage Requests software with our established billing and operational services.
Kim Lanza-Russo
For law organisations, gaining the maximum benefit from technology requires more than installing software. Rather, technology’s impact depends on user adoption, and robust user adoption is a function of effective change management. Success rests on eight key principles.
Erica White, Radoslaw Gabryl
To make AFAs win-win for law departments and their law firms, historical data analysis and modelling are indispensable. The best approach to conducting analysis and modelling incorporates several key elements that enable a thorough understanding of the impact of different types of AFAs.
Matt Todd
Six key principles from software engineers are applicable to legal recruiting and staffing. Those principles also underscore the value for law organisations of using a proven legal-specific resourcing agency and the benefits of what Elevate calls Intake Interviews.
Natalie Limerick
For law organisations and lawyers alike, the emergence of the ‘flex lawyering’ career path provides significant and unique benefits that make law departments and firms more agile and able to operate more cost-effectively.
This Impact Podcast features Mike Russell, the Head of Global Legal Operations for Expedia Group, and Steve Harmon, Elevate’s COO and General Counsel. Mike and Steve discuss two change initiatives and the impact of those changes in eDiscovery, document review, and buy-side contracting.
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Pedro Campos, Jason Mervyn
Effective data management is vital for the success of law firms, which deal with critical data daily. A well-designed data strategy enables proper and efficient data collection, availability, retention, and analysis, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and valuable insights.
Meghan Koller, Katie Dappen, Jeannie Gasiewski
Since launch in 2022, we have focused on connections, learning, and development. For 2023, we have many ideas for content and programs beyond continuing the programs launched last year.
2023 State of Corporate Legal Industry Report: 74% of respondents said increasing their use of technology would be their #1 priority for 2023
23 Legal Technology Insights for 2023: By 2024, legal departments will have automated 50% of legal work related to major corporate transactions
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